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Aurora Hairdressing stylist use a freehand technique, which allows you to gradually blend in darker to lighter colour. Ombre is more subtle, ethereal and elegant option for a naturally looking hairstyle.

What do we use to achieve fantastic results for you?

Aurora Hairdressing Salon uses Blond Studio Freehand Techniques 6 MultiTechniques 8


Want to go blonde or blonder? Our Blond studio 6 hair lightening powder is infused with Pro-Keratin and can be used to create the most on-trend looks on any hair type, from balayage to blonde. With our Blond Studio 8 Multi-Techniques Powder you can achieve a blonde that is up to 8 levels lighter than your natural shade, specifically used for highlights balayage.

Aurora Hairdressing Salon uses Loreal Professionnel Dia richese and Dia light


Dia richese and Dia light gloss and tone.These are low commitment colours with radiant tones, and could provide a perfect option for you. They add shine to your hair, whilst respecting the condition. Get beautiful colour without the permanent commitment. So it’s a great way to say no to your first white hair or experiment with a colour change for the first time lasts up to 22 washes and doesn’t leave a re-growth.

Aurora Hairdressing Salon uses Loreal Professionnel Marjiel


Majirel hair colours offers a rich, permanent hair dye which provides perfect coverage of grey hair. Our stylists can help you to achieve your perfect shade with In-depth colour consultation. Majirel has over 100 shades that can be tailored to create exactly the colour you are looking for. With magirel every strand of hair is the same colour.

Aurora Hairdressing Salon uses Loreal Professionnel INOA


Inoa is NO ammonia permanent hair colour for all hair types. with Oil Delivery System (ODS2) technology that uses the power of OIL to truly maximize the action of the coloration. With an in-depth colour consultation you can achieve your perfect shade that is free from ammonia and an optimum scalp comfort.with inoa hair looks as natural as possible as all hair strands have different tones with in the chosen colour.